Scientist Profiles

Ms. Chepkemoi Magdaline

Founder and Executive Director at EldoHub

A computer scientist who is passionate about girls and women in STEM. She leads EldoHub, a technology and innovation hub, which empowers and supports young people to identify problems in their communities and apply different technologies to solve those problems.

Chepkemoi Magdaline, the Founder of EldoHub, believes in following your dreams. When she was in high school, she excelled in science and mathematics. Her family and those around her advised her towards medicine or a career in teaching but Chepkemoi could not ignore her growing love for computer science. Her high grades allowed her to continue to pursue her new love. “That’s how I ended up here, [by] going for what I wanted, no matter what,” she says firmly.

She started her career as a technician for Telkom Kenya fixing network issues in the Transmission department, but soon felt a conviction to return to her home in Eldoret and afford others the same opportunities that she had experienced. “Most programs that gives such support are based in Nairobi,” explains Chepkemoi.

Indeed, many initiatives geared towards youth empowerment in tech are based in the capital city. “There was a lot of talent going to waste in Western region of Kenya and so people began migrating to Nairobi to find work.”

She began to consider the ways in which she could make an impact in her own community where people were motivated by attempting to solve local problems with tech. EldoHub seeks to do just that. Chepkemoi calls it a tech innovation and entrepreneurship hub where women and youth are taught technical, professional and personal skills to launch sustainable careers in tech. EldoHub provides co-working spaces, capacity building, mentorship and incubating startups. Chepkemoi is elated every time a success story comes out of this space. She points to the work of a group of young women working on a platform called ‘Okoa Mama’ where they are mapping pregnant women in rural areas and providing them with necessary maternity information via SMS/USSD in an effort to provide solution to the ailing maternal healthcare.

Chepkemoi has high hopes for the future of tech in Kenya. She would like for EldoHub to continue to inspire the youth to pursue the sciences to solve local challenges. As an agricultural region, it is especially in need of agri-tech solutions in order to address serious problems like food insecurity. Chepkemoi sees EldoHub as the perfect space for those solutions to be created. Her biggest joy with the initiative, has been to see the impossible come to life and see startups created by people from the region launch with EldoHub’s support.

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