Science in Kenya

Science in Kenya: A Brief History of Kenya’s Contributions to the Global Scientific Enterprise

ASW- Kenya set out to bring to light the long and living tradition of Kenyan excellence in science. To do this, we not only found some of the most exceptional scientists in Kenya, but also conducted extensive research to unearth some of the most compelling and surprising achievements we could find in Kenya’s scientific history. Some of these facts will be familiar to you, while others may surprise you with their unsung significance. Famous breakthroughs appear here alongside lesser known accomplishments in agriculture, environment and conservation, medicine, paleontology and anthropology, technology and engineering, and others. We also compiled these facts into an e-book titled “Science Kibao Kenya: Greatest Hits Vol. 1.” The word “kibao” in the book’s title is a Swahili slang term meaning “a lot”, and offering a small window into this rich legacy of Kenyan science.